Gradventure Turkey – Part 1

Field work is easily my favorite part about being an academic. Even though academia has slowly moved away from the good old fashioned field work for the most part (while focusing on data analysis and building data sets), those of us studying Comparative Politics and International Relations are still expected to do field work. Fortunately for my dissertation project, I am relying on heavy field work spread across three countries to prove my hypothesis about the influence of bureaucracy on democratization efforts. My cases are Turkey, Pakistan, and Taiwan. Currently, I am working on Turkey and Pakistan. As a Taiwan Fellow for 2017, I will begin work on Taiwan in Fall 2017 after I move there as part of the fellowship for a semester. Continue reading Gradventure Turkey – Part 1

Doing Winters Right

So for last week or so I have been sick and that is why I was unable to update the blog. This experience gave me the idea to come up with a small list of things that will help you survive this cold weather and make it through hopefully without falling sick.

Picture Courtesy
Picture Courtesy

Firstly, start dressing in Layers. I used to think this was a myth, but apparently properly layering yourself with clothes is a great and simple way to keep off the cold. Tried that and three shirts and one fairly thin sweater later, I was actually more comfortable than wearing a heavy jacket. Continue reading Doing Winters Right