Road to Routines

ImageThere was a time when I enjoyed being spontaneous and basically winging anything and everything. This approach worked for me most of my life that was until I got to graduate school. The first semester I tried my level best to continue my approach to life which was basically to walk in with confidence and wing it while simultaneously hoping no one notices it. I failed miserably.

I tried everything; being productive in short bursts of a few days, writing papers based on meta analysis, talking to my class fellows and collecting info from them, even dedicating two full days a week to just catch up on stuff. Turns out, you cannot really catch up on stuff; all you can do is keeping up. If you by any chance cannot keep up, consider it as a lost cause. Continue reading Road to Routines

My Future Band

My Future Band

Now only if I could learn how to play an instrument… then we are all set

5 Lessons from 1st Semester of Grad School

Now that I am done with the first semester of Graduate School, I thought it would be a good idea to go over what I have learned so far. Chances are most of you will relate to most of these things and please do feel free to add more in the comments section.

Graduates1. You are not as smart as you think you are

This is the first thing that you learn in Grad School. We all assume that because we did great in undergraduate studies and did well on our GRE/GMAT to get here, that somehow it automatically means that we will completely rock grad school. Thing is what most of us forget is that, that whole effort was to get us this far, and from here on wards we start on a new journey which requires a whole new level of effort and commitment.

Think of it this way, it is like you get to a new city and you get out of the airport and to continue your journey on wards you need to go catch a train. You will go through cab rides, mass transit or whatever else is available to you to get to the train station. From the train station you will start a whole new journey. Undergraduate is the process of getting to the Train Station; Grad School is the process that eventually takes you to your final destination; two very separate types of journeys with different set of challenges. Continue reading 5 Lessons from 1st Semester of Grad School

Why a good night’s sleep is a Grad Student’s best friend

Be Like Homer.... At least Sleep wise
Be Like Homer…. At least Sleep wise

One thing everyone struggles with in Grad School is sleep. All of us, at one time or another end up having a problem with our sleeping schedule. Initially it is not that big of a deal as the sleep gets delayed a couple of times a week but we tell ourselves that we will catch up on it over the weekend.

Problem is this becomes a routine over a period of time and then we are stuck in a cycle where we are perpetually not getting enough sleep while trying to cope with university and private life in a very stressful environment. This already bad situation gets worse when exams or deadlines come closer. In most cases, we somehow manage and get through it all while forgetting the damage our body is taking in the process. Continue reading Why a good night’s sleep is a Grad Student’s best friend

How to Apply to Grad School

Emory University
Emory University

Applying to graduate school, especially for international students, is a daunting task. In most cases, the schools are not really forthcoming with specifics regarding the sort of GRE/GMAT scores and GPAs that would get a candidate admitted. This is even worse when it comes to the available financial aid and what sort of a candidate profile is needed to avail that opportunity. The schools have a reason they do this; they do not want to limit the applicant pool by giving a bottom line as that could also potentially bring down the prestige of the school.  Continue reading How to Apply to Grad School

Is Grad Life For You?

523014_10150889830082564_1662008603_aThe decision to pursue graduate education is probably one of the most important decisions anyone would take in their life time. Grad School is nothing like Undergrad life. It is not as fun and there is just a lot more at stake.

Unfortunately in most countries, most developing countries to be specific, pursuing Grad education is something that needs to be done and is not really a choice. In such a case most of the people who start grad school continue their undergrad mind set which is focused on getting grades and passing courses. The problem is that is exactly what Graduate School is not. It is not about the grades, it is not about having a high GPA and it is not even about attendances. Grad School is about what you want to learn and how you plan to use that learning to improve yourself as a person, as a job candidate and as a member of the society. Continue reading Is Grad Life For You?