The $300 Spring Break Project: Planning Spring Break on A Budget

Cause DC is like Cancun for Political Scientists

As spring break approaches, most people are planning their trips to get away from the grind of university life. Truthfully this time around, after the semester I have been having, this break is badly needed. I was going to do the touristy thing and just go to New York and do the touristy routine. But instead I am planning to do something totally different now. I am going to do a whole spring break i.e. 7 days, on a budget of $300. The target is to travel, stay at hotels, have three meals a day and sight see within the budget. 

Based on the concentration of my friends on the east coast, I am going to stay a couple of days in Durham/Raleigh in North Carolina and then move up to Fairfax, Va and Washington, DC for about 4 days of fun and discussions about politics and whatever else people talk about in DC. 

As I start out on this adventure, I would love to hear from all of you. All your ideas, suggestions, travel hacks and just good wishes.