Looking beyond Economics: Why Pakistan needs to focus on Social Issues more

UntitledSo the ‘we are all economists’ season begins with the presentation of the annual budget. The budget is a decent policy document clearly in line with the World Bank and IMF regulations. Senator Dar has done a great job of packaging it in to something that could be sold politically. But as a I mentioned in my last post, focus on economics is great but there is a lot more that we need to be focusing on too i.e. the social issues. Continue reading Looking beyond Economics: Why Pakistan needs to focus on Social Issues more

Adnanventure – Wonderful Washington Part 2

World War 2 Memorial

The first two days were ultra hectic. I had been constantly travelling, hardly getting any sleep and trying to see as much of everything as I could. So on Day 3 I made it a point to slow down a bit and kind of enjoy what was around me. Woke up relatively late around 9 and ventured down to the lobby restaurant for my free breakfast. At this point I would like to take the time and thank Best Western for easily having one of the best breakfast menus of any hotel in their category. Great breakfast that was thoroughly enjoyed as the sun was finally out.

Having already seen the Air and Space Museum, Congress and the White House, my agenda was to finally go through rest of the Smithsonian museums and basically just walk around for a bit getting the feel of the city. So on advice of my Americanist friends (These are my friends who specialize in American Politics as part of their Grad Studies) I started the day at the American History Museum. History in general fascinates me but recently American History has become my area of interest. I feel that we can see the future based on the past and that our personalities are built up on our shared history. Add to this the fact that I live Atlanta, Georgia… which is one of the largest cities in the South; I have developed a special interest in the North South divide as well as the Civil War. Continue reading Adnanventure – Wonderful Washington Part 2