Adnanventure 2015 – Ola Miami

MIAMI – I am coming (hehehe)

Finally the semester is over and it is time for Adnanventure 2015. This year the adventure is bigger, better and awesomer or at least that is what I keep telling myself. The plan is to not have a plan and just take thing as they come. I will be there between 11th and 16th of May.

But I need you guys to play along and he is my idea how you can help out –

  • All I have is a plane ticket to Miami
  • I have no set plans, I have a total of 5 days to spend and I am going to spend part of days based on    what you guys suggest me to do.
  • I have a car so I can drive around and check out places that you all recommend
  • I want to try Cuban, Bahamian, Venezuelan and Caribbean food – so send in those suggestions

I will be keeping all of you posted on how it goes. This time around I will even be doing video diaries YaaaaY!

Send in those suggestions and come on this Adnanventure with me!

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