Building a Super PAC – My Most Audacious Idea Yet

PAC NANRecently I have been working on a paper that deals with the impact of Political Action Committees (PAC) on politics in Washington DC. Through the course of writing this paper and talking to professionals, I have realized that most people have no idea what a PAC actually does.

As a Lecturer who teaches at a State University, I came up with an idea to build a Super PAC with the help of other ordinary people. The concept is simple; build a Super PAC that represents every person who donates to it and get the candidates to listen to you. The whole effort is envisioned as an exercise to educate people about money in politics and why even a little amount of money is so significant.

I started with an Indigogo Campaign for the PAC. I am calling it PAC NAN cause it just sounds fun. Join me, spread the word and lets do this!

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