Adnanventure – Doing Durham


The last 24 hours have gone something like this; I started out from Atlanta on MegaBus. Honestly I just chose that instead of flying or Amtrak because the ticket was 1 dollar. The bus took about 8 hours to get to Durham having made a stopover in Columbia, South Carolina. If you have the liberty of time, always take MegaBus. It is comfortable, it is cheap and the buses are in great condition.

IMG_20140317_124918Having filled my stomach and my senses, had to kill another about 5 hours before I could check in to my hotel. So headed to the Duke Uni Chapel and Library to explore what turned out to be one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever been to. Found this awesome café, the perk, next to the library. It was one of those full on hipster café with everything uber organic and what not.

Duke Chapel

Spent a while just enjoying the rain, eating healthy stuff that tasted pretty good, overhearing discussions (including a highly nerdy date that was actually quite cute). By this time I got done it was about 12 and I headed to the hotel to hopefully check in before time. Then took DATA to get output at hotel (hehehe… its funny when you say that in a sentence like this). Things worked out, checked in and threw luggage headed to friends home for lunch. Lunch ended up being lunch plus evening tea. Got back slept like a log, woke up early and started wandering around before Bus time, and ended up finding the HQ for the hippy café at Duke. The catering company is called Saladelia and runs a gigantic café next to ITT Tech Institute off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Durham. Had a great Burrito (honestly it is hands down the best breakfast burrito I have had and it did not even have meat!!!!!). Checked out, took bus to get to Durham Station and started writing this piece while waiting for the bus. The bus was delayed so finally now that I am on the bus, I am battling every other free Wifi user for bandwidth to upload this.

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Lessons from the last 24 Hours

  1. Always have cash on hand! I kept making this mistake and ended up walking miles because of it. When in a new city, have cash on hand (mostly in Ones and Fives) so that you can hop on a bus as and when required.
  2. Get a travel card made for the length of your whole stay. This should be the first thing you do when you get o a new place.
  3. Study the geography of that area you are in though Google/Bing Maps. Find out where the nearest stores are and what are the eating options or you will end up wandering like me for hours. I enjoy it so I am OK with that, mostly people hate doing that, so just Bing/Google Map the area.
  4. A great pair of headphones is crucial to you surviving the loud mouthed annoying people on the bus/train/plane. Also invest in a good pair of gloves, a cap and a baseball hat as well as a kick ass winter jacket. I got mine from Target for like 40 bucks and it has more than paid back that investment in one season.
  5. Do not leave home without a pair of Timberlands or Columbia or Caterpillar shoes. Seriously do not try leaving home without them.
  6. Consider taking Tylenol Cold and Flu (alternatives of it) if you are going to be walking in cold temperatures. I do this every time I am out for too long in cold weather. Helps me not get sick while on the road or at least that is what I believe.

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