Doing Winters Right

So for last week or so I have been sick and that is why I was unable to update the blog. This experience gave me the idea to come up with a small list of things that will help you survive this cold weather and make it through hopefully without falling sick.

Picture Courtesy
Picture Courtesy

Firstly, start dressing in Layers. I used to think this was a myth, but apparently properly layering yourself with clothes is a great and simple way to keep off the cold. Tried that and three shirts and one fairly thin sweater later, I was actually more comfortable than wearing a heavy jacket.

Secondly, eat on time and do not over eat. One of the biggest issues in winters is over eating. We do it to feel warm and fuzzy, but after like 4 months of doing that we end up with a pretty bad winter tummy in March/April. So in order to avoid that and still feel good, eat on time and structure your meals i.e. plan them out. I know as a graduate student this sounds like a really funny idea but this will pay off, so invest time in it.

Get yourself a pack of those extra strength multi-symptom medicines from CVS or Walgreens. They are life savers and they can really make the difference during winters. Sometimes a couple of those bad boys can not only help you get through a highly painful class but can be a great stop gap between you pretending you are not sick and you convincing yourself to go see the doctor. This leads me to another point… your university health clinic is your friend. They will help you out more than you think, so the first sign of you getting a bad cold or sore throat schedule an appointment and go see the doctor. Healthcare is one of the things we are fortunate to have great access to as Graduate Students, so might as well use it.

Soups, hot water mixed with honey, fruits and veggies can do wonders when you get sick. I say this even though I really do not like veggies but they are a wonderful when you are sick. Lastly, just go to Walmart or Target, get yourself a couple of those beanies and gloves because covering your head and hands will make a huge difference. Start wearing double socks and you should be set. After all it is the season to be jolly!


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