Is Grad Life For You?

523014_10150889830082564_1662008603_aThe decision to pursue graduate education is probably one of the most important decisions anyone would take in their life time. Grad School is nothing like Undergrad life. It is not as fun and there is just a lot more at stake.

Unfortunately in most countries, most developing countries to be specific, pursuing Grad education is something that needs to be done and is not really a choice. In such a case most of the people who start grad school continue their undergrad mind set which is focused on getting grades and passing courses. The problem is that is exactly what Graduate School is not. It is not about the grades, it is not about having a high GPA and it is not even about attendances. Grad School is about what you want to learn and how you plan to use that learning to improve yourself as a person, as a job candidate and as a member of the society.

LB04The point I am trying to make is simple, Grad School is a labor of love. It is the only time in your life that you will actually get to study and learn stuff without anyone wanting anything in return from you. This is the only period of time where you can either really make something out of yourself if you want or you can just cruise through the whole experience without having ever changed even slightly.

So how do you know if Graduate School is for you? Ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Do you think you need to learn something new that requires two years of work and effort?
  2. Are you genuinely willing to give up on wages, irrespective of how low they maybe, for a period of up to two years to pursue a degree that will only slightly improve your salary?
  3. What good would the new knowledge be for you i.e. what difference would it make in your life? Would it improve your quality of life? What it make you happier as a person?
  4. Do you have up to 20 hours a week to read?

If the answer to most of these questions is YES, then Grad School would be great for you. Otherwise it would be a pointless waste of time in the longer scheme of things. Remember that hard work at your job will get you more results than a degree that you do half heartedly.

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